A Farewell to Arms

A long time ago, in a decade far, far away, guys who rode Jet Skis through the surf zone were dorks. Surfers thought so, anyway. Surfers and Jet Skiers were natural enemies, enemies in nature. Surfers mocked Jet Skiers as inland gear heads who disrespected and despoiled the ocean by blasting their personal stinkpots through […]

Comments From Layne Beachley ASP-WCT World Champion

Ken Bradshaw October 4, 1952 Houston, Texas * Incredible passion for surfing and living life to it’s fullest! * Fitness fanatic, strict vegetarian, drug and alcohol free. * Inspirational spokesperson, ideal role model, humble, articulate. * One of the highest profiled big wave surfers in the world. * Ken’s “childlike” sense of humor and charming […]