Mentawai Boat Trip with Ken Bradshaw

The Telo Islands, made up of nearly 101 islands and are situated between Pulau Nias and the Mentawai Islands. This puts them strategically in the centre of an archipelago stretching along the west coast of Sumatra, an area, which over the last decade, has become one of the great surfing meccas of the world.

September surf up date on Oahu

It’s being a slow start for waves on the North Shore, we are half way through september and it still fells like summer. the weather has being great for swimming and diving but no wave action yet. We are expecting the first swell of the season in a few days. Which will be great to […]

Chunns Reef Surf Lesson

Today we had more beautiful weather here on the North Shore of Oahu the finished with an amazing orange sunset after a beginning surf lesson. We did a surf lesson with a great young newly wed couple from California. We took Jack and Jill to our favorite small wave surfing cove on the north shore, […]

Drive Time

On January 28, 1998, the day Oahu’s outer reefs played host to 35-foot-plus surf, Ken Bradshaw selected a board he’d made over a year before. At 7’10”, just over 17 inches wide and two inches thick, it seemed the kind of board some surfers would use to paddle in, not tow. “Some people have gone […]

Bradshaw Goes From Houston to Surfing Glory

Two major events occurred during 1969. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and in Hawaii, Greg Noll rode “30-plus” Makaha. Most surfers reckon it was a toss-up. The giant surf during the winter of 1969 was the benchmark for big-wave riding, and Noll is credited with catching the biggest wave of the epic swell. It […]

Slaying The Giant

Surfers wonders what future holds after North Shore’s biggest wave. It’s a legend now. Surfers call it “Big Wednesday.” The day last winter when Ken Bradshaw took on the biggest wave ever ridden on the North Shore.

The Knockout Punch

Twenty years of preparation pay off for Ken Bradshaw as he nails a bottom turn on a solid 35-foot-plus wave at Outer Log Cabins, Oahu, January 28, 1998. The phenomenal reef break off Rockpile has long been regarded as an Everest of North Shore surfing; jet ski tow surfing finally put it within range this […]

Condition Black

Condition Black is the official Hawaiian Civil Defense alert that declares the ocean off limits to everyone. When conditions are black, the ocean is in full roar and tourists and watermen stand side by side in slack-jawed respect. On Wednesday, January 28, the Pacific Ocean put on a once in a lifetime show, and the […]

Besting The Behemoths

For the world’s premier big-wave surfer, staying on top is all in the training. When The Beach Boys sang, “Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world,” they were, of course, speaking metaphorically. Big-wave surfer Ken Bradshaw takes the notion literally. He’s sat on hundreds of waves with faces that measure upward […]

A Farewell to Arms

A long time ago, in a decade far, far away, guys who rode Jet Skis through the surf zone were dorks. Surfers thought so, anyway. Surfers and Jet Skiers were natural enemies, enemies in nature. Surfers mocked Jet Skiers as inland gear heads who disrespected and despoiled the ocean by blasting their personal stinkpots through […]