Ken Bradshaw

The Knockout Punch

Twenty years of preparation pay off for Ken Bradshaw as he nails a bottom turn on a solid 35-foot-plus wave at Outer Log Cabins, Oahu, January 28, 1998. The phenomenal reef break off Rockpile has long been regarded as an Everest of North Shore surfing; jet ski tow surfing finally put it within range this swell for the first time, and the results were nothing short of incredible. The few surfers including, Ross Clarke-Jones, Milton and Michael Willis, Cheyne Horan, Dan Moore, Aaron Lambert, Noah Johnson, Troy Alotis, Sam Hawk, David Stance...who got to ride Logs this day will remember it for a long time.

The North Pacific, having taken a number of 15- to 18-foot hits through the middle of January, finally got it's socks knocked off on January 28 when 35-foot waves hit first Hawaii then California. Most people considered it the largest swell of the decade.

By: Surfing Magazine, June, 1998, NO. 6, Pg. 28 & 29

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